Where is the longest sea-crossing bridge in Vietnam found?


Bình Định is a Central coastal province located a little further towards the Northern side of a sensational Vietnam aqua gem, Nha Trang. The locality is broadly reputed thanks to its lengthy pristine seashore, now gets a total makeover with the nationwide longest sea-crossing bridge, Thị Nại. Have you ever been in a Vietnam off the beaten track tours there? If not, here is an insight!


Thị Nại – Sea-crossing Bridge

Interesting facts about Thị Nại Bridge

Thị Nại Bridge is referred to with another name known as Nhơn Hội, which connects Quy Nhơn City and Nhơn Hội Peninsula. The core segment of the bridge reaches a length of over 2.400 meters and 14.5 meters in width. Nhơn Hội Bridge was a complex built with 54 spans containing six smaller bridges in total, one of which crosses Thị Nại Lagoon while the other five crossovers Hà Thanh River.

In terms of geographic locale, Thị Nại Bridge links Quy Nhơn City and Phương Mai Peninsula, which obtains a poetic and magnificent natural scenery. Thị Nại Lagoon is the biggest lagoon across Bình Định Province lasting over 10 kilometers and has a prosperous seafood plantation. Each moment of sunset and sunrise gives the bridge a mystic and stunning illumination. Because of such, the venue soon became one of the most prominent off the beaten spots in Vietnam.


Viewing from afar

Regarding historical facts, where Nhơn Hội Bridge is found nowadays was once an infamous civil battlefield that witnessed a naval combat between Tây Sơn and Nguyễn militants back in the year 1801. The image of an enormous bridge imposingly arching over the ocean backed by the magnificent mountainous ranges and colored with a vast sand dune greatly ignites the hidden beauty of the whole scenario.

Nhơn Hội Bridge in Quy Nhơn City has been a big pride for Bình Định locals within the past couple of years. The presence of Nhơn Hội Bridge has witnessed a huge economic and tourism development of the locality itself. If you are still imagining how lively the scene will be when you are there, sign up for a Vietnam tailor-made tour right away.


When night falls

What other hidden gems can you be offered in Quy Nhơn?

Eo Gió – Wind Strait

The name Eo Gió, or Wind Strait derived from its topography feature itself. Standing on a cliff zooming out towards the vast blue sea, you will get to observe a little strait enclosed by two mountain ranges which give out an exact image of a pair of hands. Looking for a Vietnam adventure tour idea? Do not skip this site.

Nhơn Hải Sea-Cutting Sand Trail

If you have heard of the famous Điệp Sơn path that turns the sea into halves, this little edition of Điệp Sơn will capture your attention and give you a stunning feeling when having a long walk on the path. You can find this sea-cutting sand trail in Quy Nhơn is located 15 kilometers away from the city center. What you need to do is cross over Thị Nại Bridge and head straight to Nhơn Hải Town.


Nhơn Hải – Sea-cutting sand trail

Surf Bar

Given a trendy reputation as the most well-known cafeteria in the city of Quy Nhơn, Surf Bar easily takes your heart by a simple but smart concept that goes so well with the surrounding beach landscape.

Cù Lao Xanh – Green Islet

Brought to life as an isolated island situated in Nhơn Châu Town, Quy Nhơn City, Green Islet lives in its vivid and eye-catching beauty for ages like a latent jewelry mid the infinite ocean. Not many citizens settling down on the Islet, most of whom are oldies and children. Hence, paying a visit here will absolutely give you an image of the phenomenal Robinson Crusoe Island.


Green Islet in Quy Nhơn City

Apart from popular landmarks and tourist attractions, the country is still tempting with a huge archive of Vietnam off the beaten track tours. Apparently, the best way to see this S-shaped country in a different way is through the eyes of the locals. Therefore, do not forget to make some new native buddies as your best local guides.