Tips for Thiên Cầm Beach travel beginners


Lasting on a long seashore of Cẩm Xuyên District, Hà Tĩnh Province, Thiên Cầm is a local beach destination which is situated 20 kilometers away from Hà Tĩnh Downtown. As a matter of fact, Thiên Cầm is still finely preserving its initially pristine scenery. If you are searching for a lesser-touristy Vietnam beach tour, here are our best tips for Thiên Cầm first visitors.


Thiên Cầm Beach

What is the best time to visit Thiên Cầm Beach?

Summer is definitely our answer! Pack your bags when Vietnam is at its hottest period, which lasts around June and July. Living in such a tropical heat of Vietnam, you will fully sense the purity and coolness of our beach in here. However, From August to October each year, Thiên Cầm, as well as other top beaches in Central Vietnam, is threatened by storms, do not hop on here yet until the wind is finally over.

Why Thiên Cầm Beach but no the others?

Picking Thiên Cầm in your list, you will know a real taste of a local Vietnamese traveler. As a pristine coastline in Central Vietnam, Thiên Cầm wins over Northern Vietnam beach vacations regarding serenity and clarity. There are totally 3 different beaches at Thiên Cầm, amongst which is the best seashore lasting 10 kilometers. Its jade-like purity is then fused with the silky white sand creating an unpretentious sight of Hà Tĩnh.


A lesser-known local hideout

How to arrive in Thiên Cầm Beach?

From Hanoi, you can choose to get on a local bus with roughly VND 220.000 per passenger. Văn Minh, Cường Cày or Hoàng Long are what locals prefer to get on. By train, get started at around 10 pm and reach Vinh City the next morning at 6 am. From here, catch a taxi to arrive at Thiên Cầm Beach.

From Saigon, I highly recommend you to take a flight as a matter of duration and time budget. Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific or Vietjet are domestic flight agencies that operate regular routes to Vinh City from Saigon. Depending on your preferred booking period, this flight can cost around VND 1.300.000 one way and 1 hour 50 minutes. After arriving in Vinh City, take a bus or car to head straight to Hà Tĩnh Province.


An onshore view

For trains, you may need to choose Saigon – Hương Phố route in Hà Tĩnh Province. The train ticket is roughly VND 600.000 to 1.500.000 depending on your selected seats. From there on, take a cab to Thiên Cầm Beach.

What are other activities recommended?

After spending a whole day at the beach, now it is time to conquer the night. You can choose to take a trip around a fishing village on a tram, which is only VND 50.000 more or less for a group of 8. Other than that, tandem cycling and squid fishing at night are other recreations you are offered when the Sun is out.

What to eat at Thiên Cầm Beach?

Do not forget to purchase some fresh seafood at Cửa Nhượng Wharf and get them newly cooked on site. What should you try there? Do not hesitate to try out our famous half-dried cuttlefish, Hakf-crenate arks, Tuna, shrimps, and oysters.


Grilled squid with chili salt

Last but not least, here is our favorite local delicacy, goat meat. Apart from seafood, goat meat is what causes a phenomenal sensation. Grilled goat meat served with a native leaf species while dipped in hot garlic fermented fish sauce is actually a big name if Hà Tĩnh authentic cuisine archive. Try this out and make your trip to Thiên Cầm Beach your best tour in Vietnam.

You may not have heard of the name Thiên Cầm elsewhere on the Internet as a famous Vietnam beach tour, yet now it is the right time to put Thiên Cầm at its deserved ranking. If you are more keen on traveling like no one else, note down Thiên Cầm Beach in your list right now and do not forget to take tons of awesome photos for your Instagram daily feed.