Cà Ná, Vietnam – A coastal paradise emerging from oblivion


When this S-shaped country is brought to a travel discussion, Vietnam beach vacation is most of the time miscalculated as a country with a few popular sea sides such as Nha Trang, Mũi Né or Danang. This is an absolute mistake! If you aspire a brand-new alternative for Vietnam beach tours that only the locals know, take this as a hint!


Welcome to Cà Ná Beach

Why should Cà Ná Beach be in your next new jam?

Cà Ná is a pristine coastal wilderness that locates in Ninh Thuận Province. Situated across the Asian Highway (1A) and can be reached within 30 kilometers towards the South from Phan Rang city center, Cà Ná Beach is fenced by the enormous Trường Sơn Range on the West side. The coastline here runs over 3 kilometers and formed in shape of a sickle that was broken asunder.


The pristine seashore

In order to reach Cà Ná Beach, you may need to follow the Asian Highway to the border between the two cities of Bình Thuận and Ninh Thuận. This is totally not a challenge as there are various transportation selections for your departure from Saigon or the surrounding. Cà Ná would be then showing up as a sleeping beauty. The blue ocean, white sand dunes, magnificent stone cliffs, tropical jungles fused with the winding passageways and cozy atmosphere all year round brings a quaint picture to the landscape of Cà Ná. This is what locals like us love about such a beach like Cà Ná, a loving and pristine hide-out whose beauty is formed by the additives of an exceptional Champa culture and a dream-like scenery. Such natural and cultural values deliver a resistible temptation that cannot be found somewhere else.


Po Klong Garai Tower

Take a further outlook towards the far-off point from the shore of Cà Ná Beach, you would spot out a little island emerging amid the ocean, which is known to be the lovely Lao Islet, which is home to a wide diversity of seabird species. Other than that, taking a Vietnam beach tours here brings you an opportunity to learn about a mystic legend of the Fairy Well and a Stone Cave with seven skulls. The Islet witness the vast ocean ahead, whilst its back is fenced a the giant Trường Sơn Range scattered with the imposing limestones mountains. A few steps further to the core of the Lao Islet will walk you to each layer of the tropical rainforest.


A peaceful afternoon

Back to the land of Cà Ná, if the primitive and serene vibe brings such a reputation to the site, then the enormous granite cliffs feature its latent charm. These cliffs themselves create such imaginative carvings which include the Buddha Cave, Đục Well or Ông Nồng Cliff. Talking about nightlife in Cà Ná beach, you will have no words to illustrate how peaceful and poetic the scene can be, especially nights with the high clear sky painted with a bright full moon. Is this good enough for your Vietnam honeymoon tour? Grab your passport and the other person’s hands right away.


Vĩnh Hy Bay

What to buy in Cà Ná as souvenirs?

Apart from highly famed aqua-related exotic food such as salt and fish sauce, you can get to taste such an authentic and fresh savor of newly-caught seafood. If you are about to drop by Cà Ná beach when springtime is around the corner, do not forget to contemplate the whole mountains and hills scattered with sunny-color apricot blossoms. Combine a short-day trip with Cà Ná and its surrounding landmarks such as Mũi Dinh, a well-known campsite, Vĩnh Hy Bay, Ninh Chữ Beach, Rái Cave, Núi Chúa National Park, Bàu Trúc Champa Pottery Village or Po Klong Garai Champa Tower to deeply beheld Ninh Thuận in the fullest way.


Bàu Trúc pottery

Now, it is time to forget your intention to sign up for a Vietnam luxury tour in other touristy areas. Once you make up your mind about having a trip to this country as a great escape from the hectic vibe back home, then look for the best refinement. A perfect way to do this is hence via a help of the native citizens. Take this local advice for your next new jam!