Become one with nature on a Mui Ne tour to Hon Ghenh Island


Hon Ghenh is often called Hon Lao by the locals. It has become one of the most visited destinations in a Mui Ne tour recently. Let’s look at it more deeply!

When to visit Hon Ghenh Island?


Hon Ghenh island

Hon Ghenh Island will be an excellent spot when you travel to Mui Ne this summer. Located in Southern Central Vietnam, the island has the hottest weather in the whole country. However, you should not worry because it will make your trip much more exciting.

Still, there are two main seasons on this island, one of which is the wet season and the other is the dry season. But the wet one is usually shorter. Mui Ne in general and Hon Ghenh, in particular, are rarely battered by storms so you can visit the island anytime you want.

You should only be concerned about seasons for tourists. April and May are the months that the temperature reaches the peak. It can get as high as 30 Celsius degree or more. August is usually the time of red tide. Although it is not too serious and only makes the sea water a little cloudy, you should not take a sea bath. The alga may cause allergies and itchy feelings.

As a result, the perfect time for travelers to visit Hon Ghenh Island is in June or from December to February. The weather is less hot and dry. The average temperature is also quite low and the sea water is blue as well as smooth.

How to get there?


Dug-out canoe

About two years ago, Hon Ghenh was not named as a tourist spot on maps. Therefore, you could not find it in any Mui Ne Phan Thiet tour. Nevertheless, it is different now. Due to the establishment of Siva tourist village, the island started getting more famous and more travelers.

So you can look for its name in the tours that agencies offer and book them. Otherwise, there are two ways to get there. The first one is for those who have high budgets, which is to book a round trip at Siva Resort. A boat that can carry 10 passengers will be provided and it takes about 300,000 dongs ($12.90) in total. You will travel on it in 15 minutes to get to Hon Ghenh Island.

The second way is to rent a fisherman’s dug-out canoe. You will begin moving from Mui Ne. It is going to cost you 200,000 dongs/boat for a round trip. You ought to use this means of transportation in case you want to see the landscapes of Mui Ne. The reason is that it will take twice as long you traveling by boat.

Discover the beauty of Hon Ghenh Island

Because the name Hon Ghenh has only been popular for about 2 years, it is quite strange to both domestic and foreign tourists until now. Hence, the island is still a deserted oasis, where only wild plants and birds reside.

However, this is also its attractive feature, especially for travelers who live in modern cities and want to run away from their busy daily life. For those who love adventurous trips, Hon Ghenh is such an ideal spot that any Vietnam local tour operator would recommend.


Sunset on Hon Ghenh

The initial impression on this island is definitely the clear blue sea-water. Sometimes, it is so clear that you can easily see the coral reefs looming under the water. They are charming and vary from shape to shape. You will be full of admiration when diving down to the bottom to see them.

But that is not the most fascinating things to contemplate. The best scenery can only appear when you climb to the top of the island. Going through many types of rough rocks, some are obtuse and some are very sharp, you will see an imposing scene of the sky and the ocean. The wind from the sea blowing in your face will make you feel completely cheery.

It will be even more exciting when you are there at twilight. The sunset is so magnificent that it can move the stoniest heart. The most spectacular time is when the sun starts going down. Its light turns to red, making the sea-water purple. The entire background can help tourists feel the contrast between the vast of nature and the littleness of human.

Some notifications for you to have the best Mui Ne tour

  • Besides the landscapes, Hon Ghenh is famous for holothurians – a precious seafood. You can see them hiding under crevices. Take pictures with them if you want.
  • A lot of travelers seek thrills and adventure by jumping from the cliffs. However, there are many oysters on some rocks under the water near the feet of the cliffs. Their shells are very sharp. If you are not careful, you will be hurt and bleed.