Bai Xep – a new destination for Vietnam beach tour


The southeast coastline of Central Vietnam has long been well-known for its picturesque beaches with stretching sandbars and turquoise sea water. Here locates Nha Trang Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which welcomes numerous flocks of both domestic and international travelers each year and Mui Ne – the so-called “little Sahara” of Vietnam with marvelous sand dunes. However, recently, rather than these famous destinations, beach-goers’ attention has been paid to a strange destination, which is almost unknown to visitors on their Vietnam beach tour. This is Bai Xep – an exceptionally tranquil coastal area in Phu Yen Province.

Pristine coastal scenery

Have you once dreamed about standing on an Irish beach paradise? Bai Xep is nothing less appealing than the quaint getaway of Ireland. Bai Xep is a small beach in An Chan Commune, Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province. Although it is only 500 meters long, the beach possesses exquisite natural settings with rugged cliffs on the two sides. More stunningly, there are extraordinarily beautiful grass fields on the nearby Ganh Ong Hill.
Initially, there is not much attention attached to this destination because in Phu Yen there are tens of beaches like this. It was not until when the movie “Yellow flowers on green grasses” was on- air that Bai Xep became a famous destination. This 2016 big hit recalls the joyous childhood days when we were young, playing and laughing on the green grass fields. Bai Xep, in accordance with the movie’s reputation, draws enormous attention from viewers’ eyes. It hence became a haunting place for Vietnam beach vacation.

The shooting place of a famous Vietnamese movie

Bai Xep is a quaint getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life with soft golden sandbank and transparent sea water. Seemingly untouched by human activities, the beach remains intact with a pristine beauty. Taking a Vietnam beach tour here, you will feel peace in your mind when watching the waves overlapping each other. The beach is even more poetic in the sunrise and sunset. It’s a favorite dating place for the local young couples thanks to its gorgeous and romantic scenery.

Ganh Ong

In addition to the small yet breath-taking beach, Bai Xep also possesses a breath-taking grass field on Ganh Ong Hill, which stretches to the seashore. The evergreen grassland on the hill, with its simple and rustic image of tiny yellow flowers on the green grass, has become the main theme of the movie. It is the typical peaceful scenery of Vietnamese countryside that has been tied closely to the childhood of the locals. Besides, there also exist stretching ranges of cactuses, who are strong enough to face every obstacle of nature. From the hill, travelers can take a bird’s eye view over the pristine landscapes of Bai Xep, which undoubtedly will leave you in awe.
The rock formations nearby the beach are also a huge appeal of Bai Xep. For those wanting their trips to be more adventurous, walking on the cliffs is definitely pleasant to try in a beautiful sunny day. Also, this is a wonderful place for travelers to take quintessential photos on your Vietnam tour.

Peaceful countryside atmosphere

Beautiful landscapes can be seen anywhere, but the experiences you will get in Bai Xep will make the trip different. More than just a less-visited destination with poetic seascapes, Bai Xep has more to offer. A trip to this place will not only enable you to witness the beauty of nature but also let you immerse in the rustic and peaceful life of the local citizens. On summer afternoons, you will see the local cute kids play around innocently and fly kites cheerfully on the grass fields, or observe the local hard-working fishermen earning a living on the ocean. Harmonizing with the quaint scenery of this place, you may feel like your soul has been eased and the kids are reminiscing you of the delightful childhood when you live wholeheartedly with your youthful minds.
As it is still new to travelers, not many agencies operate fixed tours to this destination. Do not hesitate to take a Vietnam tailor-made tour here, because its tranquility and quietness will definitely offer you a sweet treat.

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