3 marvelous Northern beaches that you should pay a visit in summers

Vietnam beaches are popular destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists every year, especially in summer. There are many famous beaches in Vietnam, namely My Khe Beach, Sam Son Beach, Do Son Beach, Nha Trang Beach, etc. and every beach is beautiful in its own way.

Let vietnambeaches introduce you to the three beaches in Northern Vietnam which are really suitable for your Vietnam beach tour on a short holiday.

Tra Co Beach – Mong Cai – Quang Ninh

Known as “the most lyrical beach in Vietnam”, Tra Co is always on top of must-visit Vietnam beaches list because of its white and smooth stretches of sand along with the large, turquoise-blue sea all year –round. Due to its position at the outer edge of a natural island, the coast has sand dunes that are 3 to 4 meters high. Besides the coast, there are casuarina forests and the mangrove ecosystem.

Tra Co Beach

Tra Co Beach

Tra Co is still a wild beach with cool climate, quiet space which is full of sea scent. Coming here, you can also buy fresh seafood right on the seashore whenever the fishing boats of locals come back.

Con Mang, which is about 6 km away from Tra Co, is an ideal place to watch the sunrise and sunset. Thus, it is extremely suitable for couples to enjoy those romantic moments together. The sand there is so smooth that you can ride your motorbikes comfortably without worrying about slipping.

According to experienced visitors who have been to Tra Co before, you should choose to rest in hotels in Mong Cai, which is about 6 km from Tra Co, because of their reasonable prices. Moreover, apart from going bathing and enjoying seafood in Tra Co, you should spend time visiting Mong Cai and shopping at the local markets.

Co To Island – Quang Ninh

Co To has two gorgeous beaches, which are Van Chay and Hong Van. Located in the West of the island, Van Chay Beach is wild with a bent coastline, a white and clean sand stretch, gentle waves suitable for relaxation. Meanwhile, Hong Van Beach is located in the East. Thanks to the stretching Than Lan Island which blocks the winds, the water here is calm just like the water in a lake. The sand here is super smooth with the poetic purple flower carpet.

Hong Tra Beach

The Quiet Hong Tra Beach

Visiting Co To, you will unquestionably have different and interesting experiences. In addition to swimming, you can have a chance to visit other famous tourist attractions, such as the natural forest, lighthouses, Ho Chi Minh Statue and Memorial, wharves, fishing villages, bays, etc.

However, because Co To Island hasn’t been fully exploited yet, visitors should take these following notes down to have a better Vietnam beach tour. Hotels or homestays near the sea may have beautiful views, but they can easily become your nightmare because of mosquitoes, hot weather, water and electricity issues, etc. especially in summers. Besides, the prices of food on the island is quite expensive. Hence, if you are a fan of snacks, you should prepare yourself plenty of food; or else you will run out of your money for shopping.

Cua Lo Beach – Nghe An

Attracting dozens of tourists every summer and holiday season, it’s not exaggerating to say that Cu Lo Beach is one of the best beaches in Northern Vietnam.

Going bathing is a top activity in Cua Lo Beach because the sea here is really beautiful with clear water, fine waves and smooth stretches of sand. If you go on a group tour with small children, you can take them to the Hoa Cuc Bien Park to play games and take part in exciting beach sports. Furthermore, thrilling gamers would love to play many adventurous games on the beach such as parachuting, motorcycle riding, etc.

Especially, there is a must-try experience in Cua Lo, which is squid fishing. With the cost of 100,000 VND, you can rent a small basket boat and follow fishermen to go fishing at night. They will carefully instruct you how to catch squids with fishing rods or fishing nets. After that, you are able to cook and enjoy the fresh squids right on the boat.

Cua Lo beach

Go fishing at night with a fisherman in Cua Lo

Besides squids, Cua Lo Market is always full of delicious seafood such as crabs, shrimps, oysters, fishes, etc. with reasonable prices. They are all fresh enough to taste good even though you just make simple dishes such as boiled, steamed or grilled. In addition to that, for seafood lovers, there is a small piece of advice for you. If you are willing to rent a car to Cua Hoi, you can enjoy fresh seafood which is even much better and cheaper than in Cua Lo. The most favorite dishes there can be listed as grilled tuna fish head or tail, jellyfish sweet and sour salad, raw oysters and vegetables, etc.