Ways to have fun during Vietnam beach vacation

Winds are blowing and waves are beating on the shore. Spending your time playing with your kids, sunbathing under the glorious sun, swimming in the water so light-heartedly, or maybe sitting on the sandbank contemplating the charm of the dawn, the twilight while listening to the rare peaceful rhythm of life are what you can do on a beach vacation.

Life is short, and we need to enjoy every moment of our life. Hence, some what-to-do tips here will definitely help you have a greater vacation.

Eat seafood



You are on the beach; it will be a crime if you don’t try out seafood. Fish, crabs, shrimps, octopuses, jellyfish, oysters etc. are all fresh. Why say no to taste them and then buy frozen products with the high price when coming back home? You can go round the market, drop by some restaurants to have seafood or buy it directly from street vendors. But make sure to bargain before purchasing so that you won’t have to go for inflated prices.

Go for a ride

Ride a bike on the beach

Ride a bike on the beach

How about starting your day by waking up early in the morning and riding your bikes along the beach? Not only the beach, you can also ride around the area to see how the residents here start their days. And then after doing enough morning exercise, let sit down, have breakfast while waiting for the magnificent sunrise.

Not just the beach and your hotel

Da Xanh Lake

Da Xanh Lake in Vung Tau

When you are on a beach vacation, it does not mean that you have to be on the beach all the time. There are lots of good places in the area like temples, pagodas, markets, lakes, hills, streams, amusement parks, etc. for you to visit. Looking for some and getting there. If you are going on some Vietnam beach tours, the well-known stops will be included in your schedule.

Talk to the dwellers

It will be a great chance to learn more about the culture and the people here. Communicate with them; hear the story about the place you visit, and then when coming back home, you will have something to tell your friends and family. Every journey is a lesson after all. Try to learn as much as possible.

Do some activities and games at the beach

Here are some fun and active beach activities for you to choose from:


  • Build sandcastles.
  • Make a human sand mermaid with your friends, family.
  • Collect shells.
  • Flyboard, canoe, kayak, surf, etc.
  • Walk on barefoot.
  • Fly a kite (from April to June).
  • Go camping.
  • Go swimming.
  • Play soccer, volleyball, tug a war, etc.

Always keep an eye on your kids

You maybe already know this but vietnambeaches still has to remind you. Children are usually active. We have to mind them all the time in order that no unfortunate things happen and ruin your vacation.

Pick up your trash and not-your-trash

Pick up the trash

Pick up the trash

Nature is always magnificent until man discovers it, exploits it, and destroys it. Sure there are a large variety of top beaches in Vietnam until they are promoted aggressively. As a result of some thoughtless performance done by some people, many beaches now are no longer the way they used to be.

We enjoy the nature, so we have the responsibility to protect the nature. Let’s just end littering so casually, put trash in its place, and pick up your trash and even not-your’s-trash. Moreover, it does feel much better spending time on a nice clean beach while you are the one who makes it happen.

Besides, if you see any local residents who do exactly the opposite, ignore them. Let’s just do the right things.

For more information, there is not really a thing called “best time to have a beach travel in Vietnam” since the weather here is warm all year round, especially in the South. But we recommend you not going during Tet Holiday (around February 10th to the end of the month), April 30th, May 1st, etc. to avoid a beach full of people. In case you enjoy being in a crowd or want to know more about Vietnamese people then these days will be a good chance for you.