Vung Tau – Vietnam’s beach town with enormous potential


Vietnam has many abundant tourist beach destinations for your vacation; one of which has strongly appealed to tourists at all aged group is Vung Tau beach. It will get travelers to spend plenty of time looking for useful travel tips of "What to do when dropping by?". Actually, Vung Tau would be the meaningful story of your adventure which you should try discovering once in your lifetime.

Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province is not only an economic, financial and cultural center which is located in Vietnam's Southeast but it also owns both the completely invested infrastructures and a large number of beautiful beaches. Beside that Vung Tau is a logistics area of oil and gas industry in Vietnam, too. It is about 125 kilometers far away from Ho Chi Minh City.

Vung Tau beach is surrounded by the 42km length of the coast with weather that always tends to be breezy and the mild wind. It was very suitable for you to spend your valuable time on, especially in the city, many trees and flowers are planted and taken care thoroughly everywhere by the environmental workers, the marine environment has always been clean and clear so it will not drive you to upset feelings when taking some days there.

There are many famous mountains in Vung Tau. For example, Truong Ky Mountain is 245m high or Tao Phung Mountain with the height of 170m which is exactly the one where the glittered lighthouse was put on. Lighthouse was built in 1862 with the simple structure and the aims of this construction are to help people to be able to manage their rout and keep them in safe while they are steering a ship at sea. Because the local government found that Vung Tau Beach is a place which can be promoted for the tourist industry, they have been developing some available famous places and building up a lot of suitably priced homestays and hotels for all people of all classes to promote the tourist strengths.

The angle of Vung Tau beach

The angle of Vung Tau beach from above (Source: Internet)

Vung Tau is considered to be the nearest destination from Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam's youth loving choosing it as a place where they can let their hair down after being under of study or work pressure. This does not surprise you by accident when you catch a sight of how usually they are with their best friend on the way to Vung Tau Beach by motorbike or even their personal car rather than booking tickets of a package tour. For some people who are on the first time would wonder themselves whether it is hard to find out some answers for the “how to go” question. You can not imagine how easy it is by following the directions shown in the street. And, the particular thing you should have been concerned about is "How can we be there in the perfect way ?".

Searching on the Internet you will gain some recommendations about food, drink, beautiful scenery of Vung Tau tour so that you can easily hold your useful specific plans. For the Vung Tau's gorgeous landscapes, you should make plans going to Con Heo Hill, Buddha's Altar, Sheep Farm, Sunflower Field, watching Kito God Statue, Da Xanh Lake and certainly the beach.

Kito God Statue

Kito God Statue (Source: Internet)

With the regional drinks and foods that were appreciated much could be Khot Cake, Hai Co Tien Yogurt, Soft-boiled Eggs, seafood and so on. Sometimes walking along the street at night might be your souvenir of Vung Tau. These are all things to do for the whole trip that you expect. Vietnam beaches, especially Vung Tau Beach is estimated to be an awesome place where many people have desired to get to so far.