Vung Tau – an indispensable destination recommended by Vietnam local tour operators


Vung Tau – a coastal city in the tropical monsoon climate. Accordingly, Vung Tau has two different seasons: the rainy season starts from May to October and the dry season lasts from November until April.

Because it is only 125km from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau climate is similar to that of Ho Chi Minh City, with average temperatures ranging from 24-28 degrees high hours of sunshine and storms rarely occur.

With the temperature fluctuations not too large, the weather year-round stable, so it does not have a “best time to travel Vung Tau”, you can go to Vung Tau at any time. Each season, Vung Tau welcomes visitors by the beautiful natural scenery, in which the subtle atmosphere, the deep spirit of the long-standing temple, of the traditional culture ceremony which is preserved and passed down through generations.

Below is some “best free place” in Vung Tau you should drop in:

Nghinh Phong headland

Nghinh Phong catches the wind blowing throughout four seasons. As the arms extended to the sea, Nghinh Phong formed two beaches, two large bays in the west and east. It is Vong Nguyet beach (also called O Quan) and Huong Phong beach. Offshore is Hon Ba Island.

Nghinh Phong headland

Nghinh Phong headland

  • Address: No 1, Ha Long Street, Vung Tau City

Con Heo Hill (Pig Hill)

The Hill is located right behind Vung Tau Beach, a small hill protruding from the mountain. Previously, the Con Heo Hill was a place to exploit stone and this has inevitably created a hill of beautiful and unique shape today.

Con Heo Hill

Con Heo Hill

Statue of Christ with outstretched hands

Located on Tao Phung mountain, 176m high, to reach the statue of God, visitors must pass 777 stone steps. The statue of Christ on the top of Tao Phung Mountain is 32 meters high, placed on the pedestal of God's sculpture and apostles about 4 meters high. Inside the statue is a stone spiral staircase consisting of 133 steps leading to two arm's length 18.4m. The statue can accommodate about 100 visitors at the same time, but the viewing railing in the arm only holds about 5-7 people. Standing on God's arm, visitors will feel the wind blowing from the East Sea blowing in as well as taking in panoramic views of the coastal city of Vung Tau with blue beaches, golden sand.

Statue of Christ with outstretched hands

Statue of Christ with outstretched hands

Beside the best places in Vung Tau, there are some best tips when traveling in Vung Tau you should follow to make your trip wonderful.

Transportation: If you go from Saigon to Vung Tau then the motorcycle is the most reasonable. You must follow Vietnam local tour operator. The road is not too far, moreover, you can admire the roadside when traveling, then, you have a vehicle to move to any place you want in Vung Tau.

Accommodation: You can choose any hotel in Vung Tau, however, to be able to walk along the beach to see the sunrise and sunset, you should choose a hotel on Ha Long Road (Dua Beach), Thuy Van street (behind beach), Tran Phu street (front beach), etc. Prices vary depending on room conditions and quality of service, double rooms can be from 300K or more.

Eating: Seafood is an indispensable dish in the list to eat in Vung Tau, aside from, Vung Tau has many foods to explore:

Shortbread – typical specialty of Vung Tau people

Co Ba’s shortbread: This restaurant is quite famous, spacious space, luxury, clean.

  • Address: 01 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 3, TP. Vung Tau.

Ba Hai shortbread: Small shop, delicious cake. There are also oysters.

  • Address: 42 Tran Dong, Ward 3, TP. Vung Tau.

Shortbread 41: Delicious cakes, big shrimp, firm meat, crunchy and very fresh.

  • Address: 24A Tran Dong, Vung Tau.

Shortbread Goc Vu Sua: This restaurant is famous for Vung Tau, small space, quite crowded.

  • Address: 14 Nguyen Truong To, Ward 2, Dist. Vung Tau.

Shortbread Ut Tran – Ba Trieu: comfortable sitting, fast service, delicious food.

  • Address: 67 Ba Trieu, Ward 4, Vung Tau.

Truong Cong Dinh Hotpot: Hotpot tasted quite good, menu with many dishes, the price is not expensive.

  • Address: 40 – 44 Truong Cong Dinh, Vung Tau.

Seafood Restaurant 7 Luom: Spacious, clean, wall design is quite luxurious but the price is cheap.

  • Address: 37 Nguyen Truong To, Ward 3, Vung Tau.

Ut Muoi: hot pot, with large space, clean.

  • Address: 16A Truong Cong Dinh, Vung Tau.

Salted egg pancakes

Goc Cot Dien – Cotton Bread Lantern Egg Salt: This cake is soft and fragrant, quite crowded, semi-boring.

  • Address: 17B Nguyen Truong To, Ward 2, Dist. Vung Tau.

Biscuit salted egg A billion: cake is very delicious, fine powder, fresh eggs.

  • Address: 6 Do Chieu, Ward 1, Vung Tau.

Seafood: follow one of friendly Vietnam locals guide you meet by accident to eat high-quality seafood with good price.