Visit Thanh Hoá with your significant other? Check these out


Even though Thanh Hoá is such a familiar name for us Vietnamese, yet it can be something that sounds a little bit strange for someone who has not set foot in Vietnam. Thanh Hoá is located in the Northern face of Central Vietnam tours, a city that can give you a big WOW with its own roundup of hidden natural landscapes and historical relics. This lesser-visited site gave birth to multiple Việt heroes who made a great dedication to the independence of the country during its very first resistance wars against Northern Asian invaders. Accordingly, Thanh Hoá is still able to maintain a big part of its soul for an utmost serenity and intimate vibe for those seeking for a far-off peace. Here are three you must check out with your significant other.


Thanh Hoá hideaway

Cẩm Thủy fish stream

The place can be found at the foot of Trường Sinh Mountain that gains a very little reputation from public attention. Cẩm Thuỷ was recorded to last roughly 4 meters in width and enclosed by massive vertical limestone mountains.

That factor makes the stream be a highly favored part of your Vietnam honeymoon tour is an impeccably pure water flow packed with thousands of huge fishes weighing from 2 to 8 kilograms, some of which may reach the weight of over 30 kilograms. Those lovely aqua animals are found in a wide range of colors and shapes. My focal point comes from the fact that these all release a stunning illuminated light every time moving.


Cẩm Thuỷ fish stream

Bến En National Park

The reason why Bến En captures my attention to be put in this list of Vietnam tours for couples comes from its pristine wilderness featured a peaceful Mực River marked on its vast scenery picture.

Visiting Bến En with your significant other brings out the best serenity and an unpretentious beauty that some of you may take a long time to spot out. Some random goats and water buffalos slowly wander off amid the infinite ranges of mountains enclosing a large deep pure pond. When reaching the upper region of Mực River, the whole panorama of Bến En would be zoomed into your vision, which marks some far-off islands where you can definitely arrive at with just a boat.


Bến En National Park

Quảng Nham Beach

Quảng Nham is seen as one of the oldest seashores ever recorded in Thanh Hoá. It may be counted as a big pity when not many people virtually pay attention to this site when they are in need of a tranquil Vietnam beach vacation. Following 1A Highway (AH – Asian highway) for around 30 kilometers, you will catch sight of this pristine coastal venue.

What is the best time to observe Quảng Nham? Dawn would be my answer. Quảng Nham Beach during its early hours can be regarded as the most romantic section of a day when various coastal-related activities are found. Quảng Nham Beach is not crowded and populous compared to Sầm Sơn Beach. It obtains a serene and quiet beauty. Watching the sunrise with your beloved one on the seaside of Quảng Nham and spotting the shades of wooden fishing boats gradually reaching home create such a harmonious fusion of both organic and non-organic picture, when nature and mankind are made as one.


Quảng Nham in its early hours

Thanh Hoá, to some of you, can be something so far away and definitely not a sensation you usually spot out on social media or popular travel magazines. However, the city holds in itself a great potential to be your next favorite thing to check in whenever an idea of a Vietnam tour for couple suddenly pops up in your mind. Besides those three sites above, Thanh Hoá owns a long list of things that are waiting to surprise you. What if you are a lone traveler or maybe going on vacation with a group of friends or family? If Thanh Hoá is still a thing that is worth your visit? The answer is a big YES. Over 10 destinations can be taken into account whenever the need of visiting Thanh Hoá is recounted.