Vietnam tours in summer


Summer in a tropical country like Vietnam is probably quite annoying as the air has recently become hotter and hotter by the smoke and population rising in the big cities. But summer is also the season for wonderful Vietnam tours because this is the holiday time when many people spend time with friends and relatives. Experience the moments, memorable activities in Vietnam, you should put all the information into your notebook to make your summer extremely meaningful.

Travel to Vietnam in Summer might be a wonderful life experience if you carefully read all the following instruction:

Note needed when traveling in the summer

Vietnam is in a tropical climate, in hot summer weather, you should prepare the appropriate clothing such as T-shirts, skirts, glasses, etc. Besides, if you travel in Ho Chi Minh City, you should always carry an umbrella because the weather here is quite sunny.

In summer, it is often very hot. Therefore, you should limit yourself to carrying food because it is easy to get rancid. Only when traveling to solitary places will you bring food, but store it in a container or store it carefully. Especially you should bring enough water, plenty of fruits, vegetables.


Wear proper cloth

If you eat at the tourist sites, you should also consider the issue of food hygiene and safety in that place. In summer, the beaches are chosen by almost guests in Vietnam tours. When you go to the beach, you can enjoy many dishes of delicious seafood. However, you should not eat too much without understanding the alternating these foods.


Remember to drink water

When traveling, you might prefer enjoying foods than water. But, in fact, drinking water is probably more important than eating, because water is about 60% in the human body. Water shortage will greatly affect health. However, we must pay attention to whether the drinking water is clean or not. In the morning, try to drink plenty of water. If possible, drink both milk and water at breakfast. While traveling, you should take a few sips of fresh water or tea, do not drink too much to avoid breaking the balance of water and salt in the body. You can also drink green bean juice or diluted rice porridge, which is very suitable for the needs of the body.

To avoid sunburn when traveling, people need provide your body with regular vitamin C supplements through green vegetables and fruit. Try to wear the same outfit such as a long-sleeved shirt. When the temperature of the skin is lower than the outside temperature, the skin can intensify dissipation. Bring a hat to help protect your skin and your hair from the sun. Sunglasses which can help protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays is quite necessary.

Where to go in your tour to Vietnam


Ha Long has been voted one of the five tropical island paradises in Asia with the most beautiful sunset, and the summer is the right season to watch the sunset between the sea, clouds, and sky. The sunset on the bay is like a lively picture. At this time, the sun disappears behind the mountain, the sun rays scattered on the rock island all over the bay, the lights sparkling on the boat looks like an illusion. It is ensured that everyone wants to look the beautiful picture like that.


Halong Bay

If possible, enjoy your holiday on a 4 or 5-star yacht, private beach, modern swimming pool, fine dining, perfect cuisine, and a panoramic view of Halong Bay.


Summer, the season of soaring sky will help you have the best experience in Northwest Vietnam such as Mu Cang Chai, Sa Pa, Y Ty, where you can see a wonderful view of green rice. You can visit Moc Chau where there are massive the grass or tea hills. Upland regions always have a special attraction as summer climate here is not as oppressive and hot as urban. In addition, the markets, specialties, customs, traditional culture of ethnic minorities also make tourists satisfied.


Another interesting choice for you is visiting mountains in the Northeast. The Nho Que River next to the first mountain pass in the north of Ma Pa Leng is the magnificent Ban Gioc waterfall, which bubbles with the beautiful color.

Every place in the Northeast has its own beauty that you cannot miss in this summer. I hope that the article can become the useful Vietnam tour packages for you. Have a nice trip in your holiday in Vietnam.