Vietnam off the beaten track tours in Hon Noi – Nha Trang


Today, we would like to introduce you an interesting island of Vietnam namely Hon Noi (Nha Trang City) with Vietnam off the beaten track tours. It is a Swallow island located in Nha Trang Bay and only 25 km away from the East. It takes more than 1 hour if traveling by train. Notice that Hon Noi is in the management of a company, you cannot be able to come here in self-sufficiency but definitely have to book a tour.


Hon Noi Island

Dao Yen – Hon Noi is a group of islands in Cam Ranh Bay also known as the nest of thousands of swallows. This is the largest natural bird’s nest are exploited in Vietnam – an island vacation in Vietnam. Currently, this island group is being managed, invested and exploited by Khanh Hoa Company. So it is not difficult to understand when this unit monopolized the organization of the tour here. Therefore, instead of buying tours through agents, you should choose to buy directly from Sanest Tourist to get the best price and most accurate schedule.


Enjoy the nature

The tour departs at 7:30 am at the Sannest Tourist Port. There are two types of vessels used for this tour, one is wooden vessels with the capacity of 50 guests and the other is the composite vessel with a capacity of 20 guests. The speed of the second type is faster but it is only available to guests on tour. If you are a retail tourist, you can take a wooden trip. As I see this kind of vessel is funnier and cooler, although it is a bit slower than a composite boat, it is not as bad as a boat designed for diving or touring 04 islands. The speed of this tour boat is much faster and runs very smoothly, so the travel time is reduced to only 90 minutes instead of 3 hours as before.


Beautiful beach

Hon Noi island is famous for its unique double beach. Along with a fine white sand, there are two beaches with clean water on both sides. If you look down from above, you can admire the whole scene is extremely beautiful. This beach is also one of the top beach getaways in Vietnam.


Double beaches

To see the whole resort and especially the legendary beach, you have to overcome the 220 steps to conquer the mountain Du-Ha 90 m above sea level. At the top of Du-Ha, there is a small stupa worshiping Buddha which is very sacred. There is also a national landmark on this island. Follow the stone steps to climb the top of Mount Du-Ha, you will be caught by the natural beauty of mountain and sea there. This is an extremely romantic island in many islands in Vietnam.

From the top of Du-Ha, Hon Noi is beautiful in a shock and ecstatic way. Although watching over and over again many times beach shots on the Internet but the feeling when seeing this with your own eyes is outstanding. Maybe you can search thousands of pictures of Hon Noi on the Internet. However, you should come here once to sight-see its beauty out of these photos. Sure that you will not regret to get to Hon Noi Island.


A corner of the island

From the stairs in the alley number 02, you guy let have a look down the ravine where the boat anchors next to the bridge. Water is so deep and clear that you can see the bottom. It is just a pier, is it necessary to be such a beautiful thing? Look like a picture, and this picture is perfect for every centimeter. Outside of the summit, you can visit the Temple of the swallow on the other side of the double beach. Those who have faith in spiritual elements can visit and pray here.

Lunch at the restaurant: Each table is set up for 11 to 12 people, if you want to be served quickly to have time to go back to the beach to enjoy the sun, you should sit with other guests, since they only serve food when the table is full. Do not whine and ask them to arrange this table for you and should take advantage of the move to the restaurant when the guide informed. Lunch includes white rice, shrimp with sea bass, steamed ginger, sour soup with fish, fish grilled with green leaf, garlic, and sauteed vegetables. Every dish is so delicious.

And finally, hope that you will have an amazing trip to Hon Noi with our Vietnam off the beaten track tours.