Vietnam Family Beach Tours

Lately, Vietnam has become one of the most attractive tourist attractions in the world. This country is famous for many beautiful beaches. If you want to spend time with your family, taking a Vietnam beach tour is worth considering.

These days, more and more foreigners choose Vietnam to make their tours due to the cheap price. In addition, professional and helpful local guides in varied destinations will share their knowledge on sites and experience of life with travelers in the informative and easy way. For Vietnam beach tour, there are some suggestions for you and your family. Here are 3 of the best beaches in Southern Vietnam.

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang is always an attractive destination for those who love the sea. It is a beautiful gem with the sunbeam and the blue water, islands with many sizes and smooth sand.

You can wallow in the cool water on the beach or just lie on the beach on a sunny day.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the beach, people can also participate in many interesting games with their family such as parasailing, driving water motorboat.


Parasailing is an exciting game

Parasailing is an interesting game that brings you thrilling experiences. You can play this game on Nha Trang beach or Vinpearl Land as well. This seems to be very dangerous but it is actually very safe. When you pull the parachute, there will be a motorboat right under you in case you fall out.

Another exciting game is driving water motorboat. After paying the expense, people will be instructed how to use this boat, then they can enjoy driving water motorboat on the beach.

Driving motorboat

Driving water motorboat

For people who are afraid their children in danger when trying these thrilling games, we suggest they should go diving. This will be memorable experiences for your family. After wearing diving vase, visitors will jump into the sea to explore the marine life there, the tour guide will go after to protect them.

Rowing the coracle is very popular with the family visitors. This game is quite hard since you have to row the coracle go straight, but it is also enjoyable.

Rowing the coracle

Rowing the coracle

Mui Ne

The next beach vietnambeaches would like to recommend you is Mui Ne Beach. Mui Ne is known to be a paradise of clean and beautiful beaches. One thing special of this beach is a range of strange-shaped rocks. In the rainy season, the rock mountain is covered by the green of plant. This mountain is called with the name Hon Rom as it looks like a mound of straw from the far distance.

Suoi Tien, Mui Ne is supposed to be a fairyland with the beautiful sand valley. Far from Hon Rom about 18 kilometers, there will be two natural lakes namely Bau Trang and Bau Sen. Bau Trang is famous for many gorgeous lotus pools among many sand hills while Bau Sen is a spacious lake.

Suoi Tien, Mui Ne

Suoi Tien, Mui Ne

Furthermore, your family can go to Ponagar Cham Towers together. This tower is one of the last relics of Cham people. The mystery of the tower will much draw your attention.

Ponagar Cham Tower

Ponagar Cham Towers

Con Dao

Unlike Nha Trang, Con Dao has a lot of beautiful coral reefs and different kind of fishes. You can go diving on every island around Con Dao. The coral reefs system of Con Dao is the most various one in Vietnam.

Watching coral reefs in Con Dao

Watching coral reefs in Con Dao

Fishing attracts a large number of visitors from every part of the country. There are 2 types of fishing: entertaining one (about one day) and professional one (about 2 or 3 days).

Con Son Bay

Fishing on Con Son bay

Explore dessert island: Con Son Bay consists of 14 islands with different sizes such as Hon Tai, Hon Trac, Hon Tho, etc. These islands contribute to the beauty of Con Son Bay.

Enjoy the most memorable moment in Con Dao with a day on the desert island and a peaceful night in Hon Bay Canh. You will see the Cheloniamydas or the sea turtle lay egg alongside the coast by your own eyes.

See turtle lay egg on the coast

Sea turtle lay egg on the coast

Obviously, Vietnam is perfectly suited for you to take the family tours in. Make sure that you will have the valuable time with your beloved ones in these appealing beaches. And now let’s start your family trip!