Travel to the most beautiful beaches in Phan Thiet


Phan Thiet is a beautiful coastal city with a lot of beautiful beaches. White smooth sandbanks embrace crystal-clear water, the seawater reflects the sunlight making a sparkling carpet on the surface of the sea. All these beauties make Phan Thiet an ideal destination for your Vietnam beach vacation. Check out the top beautiful beaches and prepare for your Phan Thiet Vietnam tour.

1. Rang Beach – Mui Ne

Rang Beach, also called Rang Sea, is the most beautiful beach in Phan Thiet city. It’s located about 15km to the north of the city center. This yellow sand beach is placed among coral reefs, undersea stock plains. Rang Beach is the meeting point of the deserted nature and modern resorts. In the past, this was busy fishing villages. Then, with the development of tourism, those villages have been replaced with modern luxury resorts.


[Rang Beach]

However, there is still a small fishing village which remains the specific beauty of coastal life. From July to August, in the season of seaweed in Rang Sea, the seawater is not very crystal-clear, but you can still go swimming because it’s not due to the pollution.

2. Doi Duong Beach – Thuong Chanh

Doi Duong Beach is the first beach opened for public in Phan Thiet. This beach has been attached to the developing history of this coastal city. The reason they name it Doi Duong is because, in the past, this beach is surrounded by a poplar forest shading and stopping sunlight and rain. However, as time passes, the surface area of this land has been narrowing. Nowadays, this beach is renamed as Doi Duong Park.


[Doi Duong Beach]

3. Ham Tien Beach

Ham Tien Beach is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Phan Thiet. This beautiful beach will enchant you by high lines of coconuts shading over a large area of the beach, sunlight sparkling on the surface of the sea, yellow sand beach, blue cloudy sky, and blue crystal-clear seawater. It’s a wonderful place for a Vietnam beach vacation with your family.


[Ham Tien Beach]

4. Hon Rom Beach

Hon Rom is a small mountain located in Long Son Hamlet, Mui Ne Ward, about 2km away from Phan Thiet city. Hon Rom Beach is placed right on the mountain foot. With cool, blue water, calm wave, and few supplants, this beach is a nice choice for a Vietnam beach tour with your family or a picnic with friends.


[Hon Rom Beach]

Hon Rom Beach is famous for its romantic and poetic beauty. If you want to enjoy a crowding atmosphere, you can visit the front beach. The behind beach is more quiet and peaceful, which is an ideal choice for a healing and resting vacation. You can operate a self-supporting tour to this stunning beach and enjoy your wonderful beach vacation right this summer or book a tour in a reliable Vietnam travel agency.

5. Cam Binh Beach – La Gi

Thanks to the ideal location closing to 55 Main Road, it is very convenient for tourists from Ho Chi Min city or Vung Tau city to get to Cam Binh beach. That’s why it is one of the most favorite beaches in Phan Thiet. Cam Binh Beach, also known as La Gi Beach, attracts a great number of visitors thanks to the charming scenery with lines of poplar trees stirring with the wind, many grass covers adorned with the tiny yellow flower, crystal-clear seawater, smooth sandbank, the waves crashing onto the shore, etc.


[Sunset in Cam Binh Beach]

6. Thuan Quy Beach

Thuan Quy is one of a few beaches remaining the most deserted beauty in Phan Thiet coastal city. Located about 30km away from the city center, this picturesque beach will deeply amaze and impress you with its deserted but appealing beauty. Green pine forests whistling with the wind embrace the white sandy beach sloping gently to the sea. You will also see many orchards full of fresh delicious fruits.


[Thuan Quy Beach]

The highlight of this beach is many blocks of stone in various shapes and appearances, making up a lot of interesting stories for this land, especially the masterpiece “Buddha’s Hand” carved totally by nature. Thuan Quy Beach is most beautiful when big waves crash onto the stone shore and make white spumes all over the shore.

These are top beautiful beaches that you should visit for a wonderful Vietnam beach vacation in Phan Thiet. Visit there, soak in cool, crystal-clear water, and enjoy your summer vacation with unforgettable experiences.