Top romantic beach streets in Vietnam for couples


Vietnam has a long beautiful coastline with a series of stunning beaches and picturesque beach streets. These romantic beach streets can become ideal destinations for couples to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon. So, why don’t you visit and have a nice holiday roaming along top romantic beach streets for a wonderful Vietnam honeymoon below?

1. Ba Ria – Vung Tau Beach Street

The beach street linking Sai Gon to Vung Tau is one of the most favorite paths of young people because of not only a short distance but also stunning scenery. This beach route begins in Binh Chau Beach, stretch out through Coc Lake – Tram Lake to Long Hai. Coming here in summer, you’ll be enchanted by blue sky, sunlight, blue see in one side and trees, mountains on the other side. You can also view the stunning intersection of horizon and sea.


The street along Ba Ria – Vung Tau Beach

Moreover, in Vung Tau, one of the most beautiful beach streets is Ha Long Road which is curved as an arc surrounding Nho Mountain. Large road and romantic scenery with sea and mountain in this romantic beach street in Vietnam will bring you a great Vietnam honeymoon.

2.    Binh Thuan – Ninh Thuan Beach Street

From Vung Tau to Phan Thiet, there are a lot of attractive romantic beach streets for a honeymoon in Vietnam. Your trip will begin in Nuoc Ngot Pass (means Freshwater Pass in English). From this site, the road stretches out along and embraces the sea.


Binh Thuan – Ninh Thuan Beach Street

On the road DT719 to Phan Thiet, you can see Ke Ga Lighthouse – one of seven tallest lighthouses in Vietnam. From Ke Ga, this stunning beach street will stretch out to Phan Thiet City, and then, Mui Ne at the end. The route DT716 to Bau Trang has some sea-side parts with sand dunes on one side and beautiful sea on the other side. The road through Ninh Thuan is really picturesque, also, especially the road from Vinh Hy to Binh Hung. This road is one of the most attractive Vietnam tours for couples to enjoy an exciting honeymoon.


Ninh Thuan Beach Road

3.    Khanh Hoa Beach Streets

Another favorable place for a perfect Vietnam honeymoon is Khanh Hoa beach city which is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam, especially for newlywed couples. Beach streets in Khanh Hoa is really stunning, majestic and also romantic. Traveling along the road DT6571, it means you’re going along Bai Dai (Long Beach), one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in this province. At the end of is road, you’ll reach the most stunning beach street in Nha Trang – Tran Phu Street. With one side covered by trees and one side with a series of luxury restaurants, hotels, you’ll have a nice trip in this busy, impressive street.


Romantic Street in Khanh Hoa

From Tran Phu Street, you go ahead to the beach street Pham Van Dong, roam along the coastline, get through Luong Son and reach the main road. This 10-kilometer street is so beautiful that you just want to stop for sightseeing. This mountain road looks directly to a peace blue bay. The scenery is more romantic with near-shore islands and small boats floating on the sea. It’s also well-known as the place which has the best sunset view in Vietnam. That’s why beach streets in Khanh Hoa are considered as the best site for a romantic Vietnam honeymoon for couples.


Khanh Hoa Beach Street

4.    Beach Streets on Passes

Hai Van and Ca are the two most famous passes in Vietnam which have the best view of the sea. Traveling here in summer vacation and enjoy the stunning view of the sea from here must be one of the greatest experience in Vietnam. They’re also a nice choice for an interesting Vietnam honeymoon for newlywed couples.


Phu Yen Beach Street

Ca Pass in Phu Yen lies in huge forests and mountains, but some parts of it meet the blue sea, and it makes a wonderful scenery. From the top of the pass, you’ll have the best view of East Sea with rippling waves reflecting the sunlight on the surface. It looks like a sparkling carpet of diamonds.

Hai Van Pass, also known as “the most majestic scenery in the world”, is situated in a high place with the splendid Truong Son Mountain in one side and the immense East Sea in the other side. Standing on the top of this pass, you’ll see a breathlessly picturesque sight of high mounts embraced by white clouds, the immense blue sea surrounding green mountain foot, and pretty Lang Co fishing village in farther site.


Beach Street through Hai Van Pass

On the top of Hai Van Pass, there are many blockhouses built up by French troops. It’s a favorable site to selfie or take pictures of visitors coming here. Many couples also come here to take the most impressive wedding photos.


Hai Van Pass Road

Above are four recommended beach streets for you to enjoy an exciting and impressive honeymoon in Vietnam. There’re many other romantic beautiful beach streets that you can come and enjoy. Let’s visit and enjoy a wonderful holiday with these best beach streets in Vietnam. The summer is coming!