The best beaches in Thanh Hoa Province

Thanh Hoa Province is not as popular as cities for tourists in Vietnam. Nevertheless, the following beaches are perfect for your Vietnam luxury tour.

Hai Tien Beach


Hai Tien beach

When you look for a place to go in Thanh Hoa Province, Hai Tien Beach is usually mentioned most. You will also find this destination in the tours of many Vietnam travel agencies. Although it has been opened for several years, Hai Tien Beach is attractive to various tourists who love ecotourism.

You will love the unique beauty of the beach. It has not only the fierceness of the ocean but also the mildness of rivers. Moreover, the beach has a poetic, romantic, and mysterious charm. Its shore is so long that there are plenty of clean and safe spots for you to come down to the sea and swim.

Besides taking a sea-bath anytime you want, you will love walking barefoot on the sand, playing volleyball, or waking up early to watch the sunrise.

Hai Hoa Beach


Hai Hoa beach

Hai Hoa Beach has only been famous for a couple of years. You may not have heard its name much because it is not the most popular destination in Thanh Hoa Province. The beach is mainly visited by the locals.

Hai Hoa Beach is fascinating due to its unspoiled nature. The seashore with soft and smooth sand and rows of casuarina trees are the most attractive sites that you can find. Perhaps, the most appropriate time for you to contemplate the beauty of this beach is in the early morning.

Under the unsteady light of the sun, the Colgate-white sand is sparkling as gold. And the sea water looks like a mirror reflecting that gorgeous light.

In addition to the splendor of nature, the beauty of human is massively honored when you come to the beach in the early morning. It is the time when fishers start their new day at work. The smile on their face while sailing away tells people that they are happy with their job no matter what.

Hai Thanh Beach

If you want to have luxury tours to Hai Thanh Beach, you can get some ideas of reference from Vietnam tour operators. The beach is little with smooth waves and peaceful fishing villages.

Therefore, it is a perfect fit for families with kids and couples who are on their honeymoon. The most prominent spot of the beach is Hon Me Islands, where over 10 big-and-small islands are located. If you stand on a high point from Hai Thanh Beach, they look just like ponies slowly grazing. The island is also one of the 16 nature reserves in Vietnam.

After taking a sea-bath, you can take your time traveling to famous historical sites nearby. Quang Trung Temple, Dot Tien Pagoda, or Ba Lang Church are several examples. And don’t miss the chance to visit Ba Lang fish sauce processing factory as well as try fresh seafood there.

Bai Dong Beach


Bai Dong beach

Bai Dong Beach is not as crowded as other beaches. This is one of the reasons why you can have the best moments of relaxation here. Because the beach has been undamaged, its natural beauty is extremely attractive with blue sea-water and pearl-white sand.

If you are looking for a lazy vacation, Bai Dong Beach is an ideal place. You can dip your body into the cool water or have fun with the waves without worrying about anything. In case you don’t like to get wet, lying on the beach reading books or listening to music is enough. It is best to go with the atmosphere in the sea. All of your anxiety will disappear.

Bai Dong Beach is definitely getting more visitors within the next years. So don’t hesitate and grab your opportunity to come to the spot immediately. 

Sam Son Beach


Sam Son beach

Sam Son is the most well-known beach in Thanh Hoa Province. Also, it is one of the first beaches to become a tourist spot in Northern Vietnam. Due to its natural charm, Sam Son Beach is always on the list of best tours in Vietnam.

There are some interesting myths about the landscapes in Sam Son. You will have a chance to hear these from tour guides. One of them is the giant in Co Giai Island. Legend has it that a man tore himself apart to both protect the island and destroy the sea monster, which bothered the life of fishermen there.

Besides Co Giai Island, Hon Trong Mai is another tourists’ favorite destination in Sam Son Beach. It is a true wonder of Mother Nature. Despite its unstable position, Hon Trong Mai has been there for hundreds of years.

Having the most charming spots, Sam Son Beach will be your best Vietnam luxury tour.