Northern Beaches – great choices for summer escape

The North of Vietnam has long been an appealing destination to travel. Not only does the North possess exquisite natural settings of soaring mountains and lush forests, it is also naturally gifted with a long coastline including several stunning beaches, which are exceptionally suitable for summer vacations. Take Northern Vietnam group tours to the top coastal places to enjoy your best summer in this beautiful land.

Halong Bay

Voted as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Halong Bay is one of the best places in northern Vietnam for nature lovers to visit.


Halong Bay – a new Wonder of the World

Consisting of more than 1,600 limestone islets surrounded by turquoise sea water, Halong Bay has such a majestic scenery that would steal travelers’ hearts at the very first look. The Bay is a perfect model of karst cave landscapes with several jaw-dropping grottos such as Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Bo Nau Cave, and Luon Cave. You will stand in awe when seeing the wonderful creation of nature here.


Thien Cung Cave

Besides the marvelous caves, Halong Bay also captures attention thanks to its aqua-green sea. It would be amazing to go aboard a cruise to glide on the crystal seawater to visit the caves and the secluded beaches. Travelers can have a seafood BBQ on an empty Colgate-white beach and watch the glorious sunset while breathing the cool air of the ocean. Also, spending time on an overnight Halong Bay cruise to enjoy the tranquility and quietness of the night on the sea is also amazing to try.

Co To Island

Co To – the furthest inhabited island from the northern mainland is another wonderful place for northern Vietnam group tours in summer.  


Romantic beach in Co To

Co To Island offers tourists with transparent blue sea water and soft white sandbank, which are extraordinarily great for swimming and sightseeing. The beach is amazing whenever you look at: day or night, at dawn or at twilight, in the morning mist or under the moonlight. The emotions and experiences that you get at different times of a day will never be the same.


Rock formations in Co To

Not only is Co To a popular destination for summer escape, the island is also a favorite place for couples thanks to its poetic landscapes, namely the romantic path leading to the Lighthouse, the majestic rock formations, and the aromatic forests with lots of flowers and birds.

Cat Ba Island

Nestled in Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island is one of the top places for summer break in Vietnam. People love to go to Cat Ba because it possesses as beautiful seascapes as Halong Bay yet still remain quiet thanks to fewer flocks of tourists.


Transparent beach in Cat Ba

Soft white sandbars are what attract travelers the most when visiting the island. Cat Ba offers wonderful shores to swim, sunbathe, and stroll. Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, and Cat Co 3 are the three most popular ones. There is a Cliffside between Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2 that is definitely a joy to walk. Also, a lot of bungalows and chalets are available here.


Kayaking on Lan Ha Bay

The stunning Bay is another huge appeal of Cat Ba Island. Travelers can go aboard a cruise or go kayaking around the Bay to admire the transparent seawater, the less-visited caves, and the secluded beaches. The cool water of the Bay will help to release the heat of summer.

Do Son Beach

If you still wonder where to go in northern Vietnam to run away from the summer heat but do not want to go a long distance, Do Son Beach is the best choice.


Do Son Beach

Located in Hai Phong Province, Do Son beach has more than 2 km of soft sandy coastline shaded by sandalwood trees and surrounded by mountains and pine hills. Additionally, the seawater of Do Son is of a suitable level of salt, enabling people to swim at any time of a day, even at noon, without worrying it would negatively affect their skin. Situated close to the city, Do Son is easily reached. Just driving about 1 hour, you will be able to get off the beaten track to enjoy the fresh air of the sea while having the fresh and tasty seafood.


Seafood at Do Son

Above are some recommended destinations for summer trips in northern Vietnam. The cool seawater of northern beaches will never disappoint you.