Most beautiful beaches in Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Vietnam is definitely a perfect destination for your next summer holiday. If you are a beach lover, do not hesitate to take a tour to amazing beaches in Vietnam through a Vietnam travel agency. Let’s check out 5 most beautiful beaches in Phan Thiet, Vietnam with us!

Rang Beach, Mui Ne

Rang Beach has located 15 km from Phan Thiet City to the northeast. Thanks to its peaceful scenery with blue clear sea water, white sandy shores and lush coconut groves, Rang Beach today has become an attractive spot for both international and domestic. Moreover, Rang Beach has many types of reefs dead, which are also known as the most unique features of Bai Rang Beach compared to other beaches in Mui Ne. It’s truly amazing to take a stroll along the beach, capture wonderful moments with nice photos and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in here.


Rang Beach

Many tourists also prefer to explore the tranquil daily life of the fishing village and talk to fishermen. It is unique cultural features that make Rang Beach one of the most enchanting attractions for Vietnam cultural tour.

Doi Duong Beach, Thuong Chanh

Doi Duong Beach is a lovely beach located next to the busy city center of Phan Thiet City. This beautiful beach is famous for its long sandy coast and blue water, making it a perfect place for swimming and other water sports activities. Moreover, a large green park called Doi Duong Park situated next to the beach is another place that tourists should take a visit and set up interesting picnics. The park is covered by verdant casuarina trees. It’s great to enjoy your time eating and relaxing in the wonderful natural scenery of Doi Duong Park.


Doi Duong Beach

In particular, a wonderful cluster of luxurious resorts, seafood restaurants, coffee shops and entertainment areas is right next to Doi Duong Beach. From the beach, visitors can easily make a city tour to Phan Thiet’s famous attractions such as Duc Thanh School – Ho Chi Minh Museum, Van Thuy Tu, Po Sah Inu Cham tower, etc. So do not miss this magnificent beach in your Phan Thiet Vietnam tour.

Hon Rom Beach

To set foot on Hon Rom Beach, tourists have to go from Mui Ne for about 2 kilometers. Visiting there, tourists will have a chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Hon Rom beach. The blue sea, white sand dunes, and lovely coconut trees will surely make any tourists falling in love with this beautiful beach. Furthermore, there are various kinds of recreation activities you can enjoy in Hon Rom such as sand surfing, sea-bathing, night camping, fishing boats watching, etc.


Hon Rom Beach

If you want to try delicious seafood dishes at a reasonable price, Hon Rom is definitely a perfect place for you. Let’s take a visit to Hon Rom Beach in Phan Thiet during your Vietnam beach tour!

Thuan Quy Beach

Thuan Quy is a beautiful beach with magnificent coastal rocks located about 2km from Ke Ga Lighthouse (Thuan Quy Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District). Visiting there, tourists will have fun time to go swimming and camping or just to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. In particular, do not forget to bring a camera to take photos with the impressive rocks with different sizes and shapes in here. With pristine landscapes and romantic atmosphere, Thuan Quy Beach is truly an ideal spot for nature lovers and photographers. Let’s take a Vietnam cultural tour to Phan Thiet and visit this wonderful beach.


Thuan Quy Beach

Cam Binh Beach

Located right next to National Road 55, Cam Binh Beach is considered as one of the new tourist attractions in Phan Thiet. This is a very convenient stop for the tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau on the way to Phan Thiet city. With the pristine beauty of nature, crystal water, the forests of the moss of gold flowers, and hospitable locals, Cam Binh Beach is a great place for you to relax and feel the rhythm of the sea.


Cam Binh Beach