Mong Tay Island – A real paradise in the world

Located not far from Phu Quoc island, Mong Tay is emerging as a pristine paradise that is as captivating as the Maldives. Those who used to come here still love this “lonely fairytale island” because of the rustic simplicity that is still strangely attractive to visitor. A Vietnam beach tour to Mong Tay Island will be a great pick for your vacation.


Mong Tay Island

Mong Tay Island is a small island located in the north of Phu Quoc island, between the Ba Lua island and Hai Tac island in Duong Hoa commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province. In the past, when it is difficult to travel to, the island is not the place for people to live and develop. Therefore, this particular island in Phu Quoc still remains its original attribute as the beginning. There is no impact of human beings on the natural, generous, beautiful, mysterious and interesting feature of this land. Come to Mong Tay Island, you might passionate with clouds, blue sky, fall in love with the blue sea and take time to relax in this hidden paradise in Phu Quoc -a wonderful place for your Vietnam beach tour.


Beautiful beach in Mong Tay Island

Mong Tay Island in Phu Quoc is call “Sleeping Beauty” due to the unique beautiful senses that you cannot find in the fast rhythm of modern life. It is a place with a vast white sand, blue color of coconut junction together with the blue sea like jade that is shimmers the impressive and overwhelmed beauty of nature. It is the perfect place to “hide” in Phu Quoc to enjoy the feeling of “private” in your Vietnam beach vacation. People come here not only to enjoy the luxury services, luxury resort but also to feel a life in harmony with nature and to admire the most peaceful space.


Activities in Mong Tay Island

The beauty of this island is the endless freedom of space. Seawater in Mong Tay Island has a typical emerald green color. You can soak in the clear, cool and pure water all day, then play on the smooth sand.

Mong Tay Island is the ideal place for camping, exploring the island and admiring the beautiful natural scenery. On the island, you can also find some nail tree (painted marine), which is the reason for this island’s namesake. Here you can feel the quiet and peaceful life with only the sound of seawater waves, wind. The feeling of full harmony with the vast space of heaven and earth will create a dizzy overwhelming feeling for those visiting here.

You can also choose snorkeling on the coral reef. Cool water will give you the opportunity to swim freely. Then you can fish, catch crabs. The beautiful coral island is estimated as the island’s specialty that takes you only 5 minutes away by canoe. The coral here grows up into a giant field with various brilliant colors shimmering, magical. Because the water is so clean, so you can enjoy watching the beautiful small fish swimming around the beautiful coral reefs. Coral ecosystems here are ranked the most special place in Vietnam in terms of abundance with 17 different types of soft and sea anemones. Colorful coral reefs will surely impress you at the first sight.

When traveling to Mong Tay Island, you should take a fishing pole with you. If not available, you can ask the owner of the boat brought you from Phu Quoc Island. No need to be a fishing tackle, just drop the bait into the north coast of the island, you can catch a bucket of fresh-cut sea fish and grill right on the beach. What is more wonderful than fishing, squid fishing, scalloping and enjoy the wonderful results of a beautiful beach as a paradise in your Vietnam family tour.

In addition, the youth’s interest in photography will be maximized. The beauty of this island is the ideal background for you to have the most multiple unique photos with the most interesting experience that is watching the sunset or sunrise and record that wonderful moment. This Island has become the proposal place of many couples. Maybe in the near future, this place will become a witness place for many romantic love stories.

Hey, if you do not believe heaven is real, then take your backpack and go to Mong Tay Island to have the best tours in Vietnam. Once you have arrived here, will never forget a moment of restless desire to return, to live fully with wild nature, wonderful experience with sea waves and brilliant clouds.