Quang Ngai is famous for the clean, beautiful and valuable beaches, which suit for developing the attractive resorts. They can be listed as Khe Hai, Nho Na, An Cuong, Thanh Thuy and My Khe beaches. Those are the most famous beaches that cannot be missed in Vietnam beach tour.

Quang Ngai is the central economic zone of the central region with the Dung Quat oil refinery, the first oil refinery in Vietnam. Beside, Quang Ngai is a beautiful coastal province with a total length of the coastline up to about 129km. Below are the most attractive beaches in Quang Ngai, the familiar destination in Vietnam honeymoon tour.

Ly Son is perhaps the most famous destination in Quang Ngai province for those who love the sea. The whole of Ly Son Island is divided into two small islands: Big Island and Be Island.


Ly Son attracts many tourists coming here to visit

Often referred to as the pearl in the sea, the beauty of Ly Son Sea derives from the clear water through which we can see the bottom of the sea. With the gentle waves, even in shallow waters, visitors only need to wear diving glasses to be able to see the coral reefs near the shore.


Visitors can wear diving glasses to be able to see the coral reefs near the shore

Visitors to Ly Son certainly cannot ignore To Vo Gate, a stone arch on the island formed entirely by nature, not the impact of human hands. This natural stone gate is also the number one spot for anyone, especially young people when visiting Ly Son.


The beauty of To Vo Gate in the sunset

Therefore, Ly Son is the suitable destination for couples to choose for their Vietnam honeymoon.


Many couples choose Ly Son as a place for Vietnam honeymoon

Formerly known as Sa Hoang, meaning the golden sand, Sa Huynh has long been famous as the largest salt basin in the Central, as well as the sea with its very own beauty.


Sa Huynh Beach is one of the ideal places for Vietnam beach tour

Unlike other beaches in Quang Ngai, sand in Sa Huynh is not white but iridescent yellow. Each sand dune sparkles in the sunlight. These sand dunes are curved in the crescent shape of the beach, lasting nearly 6 km.


Sands in Sa Huynh are iridescent yellow

Coming to Sa Huynh, tourists also immerse in the fresh air bringing a little taste of the sea and watch the green coconut run along the sandy beach. If you are trying to select the destination for Vietnam beach vacation, Sa Huynh can be an attractive destination, for reference.

The next beach mentioned in this list is the familiar destination which many couples choose for their Vietnam honeymoon. Located near the highway 24B, My Khe Beach is often described as the sleeping fairy by the beauty of wild nature that is extremely lyrical.


America’s leading economic magazine Forbes has been voted My Khe as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet.

My Khe is often chosen as a destination for those who love the peace, tranquility, wanting to find a resort. Along with the white sand beaches stretching with the gentle slope, My Khe beach is enclosed by a quiet green forest along the coast. Besides, there is Kinh River which was built up around the year by the alluvium.

With the waves whispering from the blue waters to pat on the white sand stretching smoothly in the romantic space with clouds, the sea will certainly attract visitors from their first time coming here. My Khe Beach is an ideal beach for Vietnam beach tour with immense space, about 7km long.


The dawn on My Khe Beach

Visitors can also go camping on the beach and organize games on the beach. This is the funny moments for people to stick together more. In addition to relaxing, bathing and breathing fresh air, visitors also have the opportunity to visit Son My war memorial. It is about 3km to go there, and visitors will have a more complete Quang Ngai tour.


My Khe Beach, Quang Ngai with its beauty bestowed by nature

Except these beaches mentioned above, Quang Ngai has also many beautiful other beaches such as Sa Can Beach, Dung Quat. These beaches are also waiting visitor coming here to explore.