Summer is the best time for families have beach tours together, especially for those who are seaholics. Soaking in the clear and cool water and playing on the white sand beach are wonderful would be so great. Vietnam has so many beaches for you to choose but now let us with us discover Thien Cam beach in Ha Tinh.


Traveling to the beach is the wonderful choice for tourists in the summer

Dubbed as the most beautiful beach in Ha Tinh, Thien Cam Beach is located between Thien Cam Mountain and Dau Voi Mountain. It is a suitable place for those who do not like the hustle and bustle and want to find a peaceful place. Choosing Vietnam beach tours to Thien Cam beach, visitors can immerse themselves in wild nature.


Thien Cam beach is dubbed as the most beautiful beach in Ha Tinh

Vietnam has many beautiful beaches stretching from the north to the south. In which Thien Cam is the beach not to be missed in almost Vietnam beach vacation.


The beauty of the sunset on Thien Cam beach, Ha Tinh

Located more than 20 km from Ha Tinh City, Thien Cam beach is a wild nature area. Coming here you can listen to the sound of nature when the waves echoing into the mountainous cave which made the stone bells. All of them have created the special kind of music as the ancient one since immemorial time. Thus, with this feature, this beach is an attractive destination not to be missed for your best tours in Vietnam.

The best way to go to Thien Cam is by train. Visitors will go to Vinh station since Thong Nhat train does not stop at Ha Tinh. From Vinh station, tourists can catch the coach to go to Thien Cam beach. It is about 34 km to the North of Vinh station. However, to be convenient, many other visitors choose all in package tours which are introduced by the operators.


Tourists can go to Thien Cam beach by train or the coach

Thien Cam Beach is approximately 3 km long with many hotels and motels off the shore of the beach. However, visitors should book the rooms in advance because you can be going to have no room to stay in. Especially, at the weekend, when many visitors from everywhere coming here to relax.


There are hotels and motels off the shore which visitors can comfortably choose

Traveling to Thien Cam Beach, the first thing you have to enjoy is bathing. Thien Cam beach includes 3 beaches, and the most beautiful beach is the main one. The clear, blue sea water with white sand have brought Thien Cam the rustic and simply wild beauty – the rarest beauty on all beaches in Vietnam. The beach is very wide with the white smooth sand, it is extremely suitable for the outdoor games such as building the sand castles, playing beach volleyball with your friends or simply flying kite. Along with going along the road along the coast, visitors will visit the fishing port named Cua Nhuong.


Thien Cam Beach is an interesting playground for most visitors

At Cua Nhuong, you can find much delicious and fresh seafood at an affordable price. With about hundreds of species, especially shrimp, oysters, crabs, fish, and squid, you will be overwhelmed with the specialties made from seafood of this land. Beyond enjoying seafood, you will have a great chance to take part in interesting squid fishing at night. That would be a wonderful experience that you cannot miss when coming to Thien Cam Beach – which is one of the top beaches in Central Vietnam.


The seafood in Thien Cam is always fresh

In addition, when coming here, you can buy dried squids, grouper porridge, the dish of eels and many other dishes as gifts for your family and friends. There are also other contemplating dishes such as fried squid eggs, cuckoo. These foods have become one of the attractive specialties which most people love to try there. The local markets always open and welcome tourists to buy these ones. Thus, do not forget to go to these markets in the very early morning to buy fresh seafood!


The early market in Thien Cam

Hope that with this useful information, you will have an amazing Vietnam beach tour to Ha Tinh one day.